Playtech Selected as Partner for Holland Casinos

August 19, 2016 - Online Casino

The Netherlands is known for its highly regulated land-based casinos. In 2014, this country is quite busy making a plan on how to best legislate the online casino space, and in doing so, allow a number of online operators to come online in the country without fear of legal repercussion.  It’s no wonder this is the case, as both Europe and the United States have been at the head of the pack in driving the growth of the online casino industry worldwide.

Holland Casinos was the first to jump on this opportunity by opening a tender process in order to search for the perfect match for the company who would be their partner in the online gaming space. After many entries and a long review process, it turns out that Playtech selected as partner for Holland Casinos. Playtech selected as partner for Holland Casinos might not come as surprise to many industry experts as Playtech is one of the most established and respected online crazy luck casino software providers in the world. Playtech selected as partner for Holland Casinos should also be exciting for players as Playtech is known to have a wide range of games.

Playtech selected as partner for Holland Casinos is very good for Playtech in that Holland Casinos has a legal monopoly on all gambling operations in the Netherlands. Whether this monopoly will carry on into the online space is still up in the air, but this was surely the most direct route for Playtech to get itself into the Dutch market. After all Holland Casinos currently operates fourteen brick and mortar casinos in the country that span several major cities and towns. Proceeds from these gambling operations go straight to the Dutch treasury.

Holland Casino Expresses Excitement

The leadership of Holland Casino has expressed quite a bit of excitement about Playtech selected as partner for Holland Casinos. Willem-Jan van den Dijssel, who is the interim CEO at Holland Casino has said, “We will soon offer our players a unique gaming environment and experience. Coupled with the expertise of Playtech, we look forward with confidence to the forthcoming regulation of the market.”


Part of this excitement may stem from the fact that Playtech has agreed to develop a completely custom platform for Holland Casino. This will allow all of Holland Casino’s land based games to be brought to the online space which will be exciting news for loyal patrons of their brick and mortar establishments.

Microgaming Moves In

It’s no surprise that as Playtech selected as partner for Holland Casinos; other software developers are looking to expand into the Dutch market as well. Software developer Microgaming, which has been operating since nineteen ninety four, has recently put out additional language options for players across there platforms. These new languages include not only Russian and German but also Dutch as well. It is yet to be seen how Microgaming will go about getting their software into the Dutch market, but their support of the language is a small step in that direction.